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Mi Goals journal

Keeping track of daily tasks for a day job, a start up business, a family and a blog is not always easy. For me, the way to stay on track moving towards my goals is through organization. After lots of experimentation, I found some really powerful tools to help stay motivated and accountable.

For home life, I use a color-coded Google calendar with pop-up reminders for everything from friends’ birthdays and dental appointments to due dates for bills and a regular cleaning schedule for my house.

For freelance, I track projects online. I make lists in Evernote so I can access them on the go, and manage work tasks using The Action Method by Behance or collaboratively in Basecamp, depending on client preferences.

close up  of Mi Goals journal

But I’m into some heavy big-picture planning these days, and was longing for a more personal, tactile experience to help me dream and plan my course. I wanted something I could pop in my bag and quietly jot in with the feel of a diary, and because I work in design and love paper goods, I wanted it to be well thought out and easy on the eyes.

My search led me to a great journal from an Australian stationery company called Mi Goals.

The book first explains how to structure goals. Most of the 128 pages are comprised of 15 sets of identical worksheets to brainstorm and track 15 goals. There’s space to brainstorm what you want and why, the steps to get there, and deadlines for each task along the way. There are inspiring quotes set in lovely typography peppered in among the goal pages.

I’m only at the beginning of my book, but really excited to have found JUST the right tool to help me organize my thoughts. Time will tell if I move the tasks over to my digital systems, but for now I’m happy to sit with my book and a cup of tea, thinking about the path ahead.

How about you? What tools do you use to stay accountable to your goals?

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