Some Love for Your Love: 2013 Edition (And a freebie!)

Every year I wrestle a little with “The Valentine Question.” My husband and I aren’t big on the holiday, but it is certainly a nice opportunity to do something thoughtful to show I care, and I love devising little creative surprises. One year when we were dating long-distance, I made dozens of paper valentines and hid them in his car and bag so he’d find them throughout the whole week we were apart. Last year, we cooked the same recipes for dinner that we cooked together the night we got engaged.

Option 1: Made With Love 
Give a unique handmade gift from Etsy. (Check out my picks on my Valentine showcase!)

Etsy Valentine showcase screenshot

Of course, you could always write your sweetheart a poem, or pay these people to do it.

Option 2: Free and Easy
Download and print the Elleby exclusive Valentine cards below.

Valentine: La La Love You
Anti-Valentine: Bah Lovebug

LA LA LOVE YOU valentine design

 Bah Lovebug Anti Valentine card How are you celebrating (or not celebrating) on the 14th?

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