Tools of the Trade: Photo Apps

In today’s fast-paced social environment, I am constantly capturing images for inspiration, work, promotion and blogging. At home, I use a Canon SLR and dutifully color correct and resize images in Photoshop before posting. But when life gets busy, I also have an iPhone equipped multiple camera apps providing a range of editing features to ensure my shots come out clean and ready for the web.

I use the usual suspects: Instagram, Camera+ and Adobe’s Photoshop PS Express, but a few more are in heavy rotation for creative shots. My favorites are:

VSCO Cam – VSCO Cam is my favorite app the year. There are great effects, editing features and control, but the interface is streamlined with absolutely no unnecessary features, making it intuitive and simple to use. It also includes a color temperature function which many phone apps do not. ($0.99) ┬áPro-tip: Their blog is a pretty good read, too!

Wood Camera – A great app for when you get tired of Instagram’s filters – plus Wood Camera has textures and intensity control as well. My favorite feature is that if you are shooting your pictures inside the Wood Camera app, you can select from preset “lenses” to give different effects, and preview live in the viewfinder. ($0.99)

Pic Stitch – Very handy app for putting multiple photos together in a collage format.

Flixel – It’s gimmicky and I hardly ever use this one, but I love that I can create animated gifs on the go from my phone.

Now with all these great tools at hand 24-7, the hardest part is finding the inspiration. But isn’t it always?

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